Edwardian Style Miniature Teddy Bears and Accessories
 Edwardian Style Miniature Teddy Bears and Accessories 

Toy Worlds Museum (Puppenhausmuseum), Basel, Switzerland


The magical Toy Worlds Museum (Puppenhausmuseum) is the largest of its kind in Europe. It houses the worlds largest collection of antique teddy bears, over 2500.....the oldest ones dating back to 1904. In addition there is an amazing collection of dolls, miniatures and carousels.


The teddy bears are displayed in numerous settings throughout the Museum. They are to be seen grooming each other in the morning, teaching the alphabet to young bears, being attended to by doll doctors or regulating the traffic. The visitor has the impression that the dolls and teddies are playing together.

Teddy bears compete in car races and dolls and bears organise a picnic together. Many scenes can be mechanically activated, at the press of a button you can enjoy the thrills of a whole amusement park.


As in a small doll's house there are many objects to be admired throughout the Museum. When you enter you step into the fascinating world of teddy bears, dolls, toy shops, dolls houses and recent miniatures built to the scale of 1:12. The unique concept for the display of this exhibition enables old and new to tell their tales.


I am truly honoured to have my work exhibited in Toy Worlds Museum. Over the years I have made some special pieces which have been a delight and challenge to create.


Teddy Bear Wedding

Top Secret Drummers

Carnival Bear

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Throwing The Dice

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